Policy Analysis & Consulting

What really sets Sosne Kondé Policy Solutions apart from other lawyers and lobbyists is our policy analysis.  It’s thorough, methodical, and balanced approach garners respect from government leaders on both sides of the aisle.  We ask the “next” question.  We think outside of the box.  We refuse to follow previous lines of thought under the guise of “we have always done it this way.” You get problem solving at its best with Sosne Kondé Policy Solutions.

In this age of congressional gridlock and budget austerity, change–makers need more than lobbyists who just rely on their relationships with the right people.  To change long-term policy, Sosne Kondé Policy Solutions goes to the very heart of a complicated issue.  We work closely with individuals and organizations that have different perspectives and backgrounds.  We don’t find consensus by picking off the low-hanging fruit and calling it a day.  We study the complicated issues from every angle, we take into account the different understandings of how the problem originally developed, and we draft truly commonsense solutions.