Why wait?

With our unique approach, Sosne Kondé Policy Solutions can help you achieve results now.

Policy Analysis

Solving the Real Problem

With extensive experience in policy analysis, we diagnose the real problems to provide genuine solutions.  We don’t focus on the symptoms.   We methodically analyze complicated policy problems, evaluate different perspectives, and dig deep to bring out the underlying issues.  In the Washington, D.C. area, where proposals are often written in red or blue, we apply this “outside the box” approach to reach bipartisan consensus and develop commonsense solutions.

Community Relations

Changing the Conversation

We don’t sit back and wait for the time to be right.  With a real commonsense solution on our side, we work with individuals, groups, and government leaders to change the conversation.  We start with meeting facilitation and strategic planning.  Using all forms of social and traditional media, we are experts at coalition building, community organizing, and media relations.  We fund-raise, write grants, expand organizational membership, and plan events when those services are needed too.  We take what actions are necessary to make it the right time!

Public Policy Advocacy

Advocating Effectively

Because of our different approach, when we meet with top decisionmakers, we use that connection to get tangible results.  Those leaders balance a varied list of complicated, often-conflicting policy issues against an overwhelming amount of daily activities.  We work in a collaborative manner, across the aisle, often connecting local, state, and federal leaders too.  By providing solid solutions combined with public support, we can effectively partner with the appropriate government leaders to achieve those commonsense solutions.  Everyone wins!

Legal Advocacy

Making it Happen Now

Sometimes you just need a good lawyer with extensive legal and regulatory expertise to move a policy issue along.  We understand the intricate relationship between various laws, regulations, and appropriations mechanisms (often overlapping among federal, state, and local jurisdictions), so we can dive into the details of needed policy changes and their implications.  We have drafted legislation that became law, successfully lobbied for millions of dollars in appropriations funding, and litigated on behalf of clients big and small.

With an unwavering tenacity and an energy that is contagious, Sosne Kondé Policy Solutions can provide the full continuum of services to achieve your goals.  Why wait?



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