Movement Building

Stream Valley Project - spring 2016 2016-05-20 166

We don’t wait for the right time politically. We are changemakers – we act strategically and intentionally to build the movement  starting from the ground up.  We inspire, we bring people together, we build and strengthen communities, and we conduct extensive organizational planning – using creativity, tenacity, and the same methodical approach we apply to our policy development and advocacy.  First evaluating the research-based evidence, we work hard to make complicated subjects more consumable to the target audience.  Only then do we conduct social media campaigns and utilize traditional media tools.  That strategic community building, organizational planning, and movement building results in successful lobbying campaigns and more effective public policies.

Tysons Last Forest is an example of our comprehensive approach to movement building.

Please read our new article on #ResistStrategically – How To Organize During A Trump Presidency.  We set forth a comprehensive, strategic approach that applies core grassroots principles:

  • Study the issues and define the goals;
  • Learn about the players, their needs, and their perspectives;
  • Evaluate which activities are most effective to persuade and effectuate change; and
  • Adjust accordingly and do not give up.