Facilitation & Tough Conversations

Jerusalem 2015-08-05 181

With over 15 years of facilitation experience under our belts, we are firm believers that anyone can talk about anything.  They just need the facts organized in a consumable manner, an effective framework for discussion, and a good facilitator!

For almost a decade, we facilitated committee meetings of mayors and city council members.   Each time, we found commonalities, reached consensus, and drafted strong policy on human, community, and economic development issues.  We are particularly proud of our work managing three different high-level task forces on the controversial issues of immigration, health care, and education.  Since then, facilitation experience includes IEP and 504 Plan meetings, Congressional staff panels on education, superintendent’s strategic planning, family engagement, local leaders’ discussions on affordable housing, community building,  grassroots advocacy campaigns, strengthening teacher-parent partnerships, organizational growth, controversial community meetings, inspirational coalitions, budget recommendations, Working Group on School Discipline, PTA event planning, fundraising, and everything in between.

As an example referred to by one Middle East expert as “gutsy,” now we teach classes on Israeli Politics to eighth graders, where they apply active listening and facilitation techniques to discuss Israel’s relationship with the Palestinians.  We have also created a framework for progressive Jews to engage in Israeli politics and applied it successfully during many lively, educational sessions.