Our unique combination of skills and outside-the-box approach helps our clients to “change the game” and achieve long-term policy solutions.  Below are some projects that demonstrate our approach.


Outside-the-Box Policy Development & Strategic Planning

At Sosne Kondé Policy Solutions, we aSchoolBuspply 20 years of experience with keen legal and policy analysis to every problem.  Whether it was advising the Congressman during her legislative tenure on Capitol Hill, facilitating policy development for local elected officials with the National League of Cities, or advising current clients, education reform has always been a major focus of our director’s work. However, education reform doesn’t happen in a bubble; it is connected to other human, community, and economic development.  Accordingly, our policy development and strategic planning work consistently applies that comprehensive approach.  For examples of our policy development and strategic planning work, see some recent efforts on education reform: 2e Legal Practice, Comprehensive Education Reform, and Social Capital.


Problem-Solving Approach

Blizzard2016 2016-01-23 047Our unique approach to advocacy sets us apart from traditional government relations professionals. We focus on changing long-term policy through bipartisan analysis and problem solving. Our methodical approach scrutinizes complicated problems from every angle, takes into account different perspectives, and drafts outside-the-box policy solutions that address underlying issues.  In this example, we evaluated the Virginia Department of Transportation’s process for snow plowing residential neighborhoods after major snow events, addressed the underlying issues, and proposed cost-effective policy solutions.


Incorporating Different Perspectives

We pride ourselves on going beyond the rhetoric, finding and evaluating diverse perspectives to the same issue or event, and working across the ideological and political aisles to find the most effective policy solutions. See our page about the FY2016 budget process for examples.  We also apply this approach in our education consulting and 2E legal work.  By working in partnership with parents and school staff, we can be more efficient and reach consensus quicker.



Stream Valley Project - spring 2016 2016-05-20 166We don’t wait for the right time politically. We are changemakers – we act strategically and intentionally to build the movement  starting from the ground up.  We inspire, we bring people together, we build and strengthen communities, and we conduct extensive organizational planning – using creativity, tenacity, and the same methodical approach we apply to our policy development and advocacy.  First evaluating the research-based evidence, we work hard to make complicated subjects more consumable to the target audience.  Only then do we conduct social media campaigns and utilize traditional media tools.  That strategic community building, organizational planning, and movement building results in successful lobbying campaigns and more effective public policies.  See Tysons Last Forest as a successful example.


Facilitation & Tough Conversations 

Jerusalem 2015-08-05 181With over 15 years of experience facilitating local elected officials under our belts, we are firm believers that anyone can talk about anything.  They just need the facts organized in a consumable manner, an effective framework for discussion, and a good facilitator!  We have a diverse set of facilitation experiences.  As an example referred to by a Middle East expert as “gutsy,” we teach classes on Israeli Politics to eighth and ninth graders, where they apply active listening and facilitation techniques to discuss Israel’s relationship with the Palestinians.  We have also created a framework for progressive Jews to engage in Israeli politics and applied it successfully during many lively, educational sessions.


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