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As events unfold that may impact our clients, we will Tweet, Post, or blog about them, so please join our social media sites accordingly.  When it’s available, we will also provide differing perspectives on the event.  Our ultimate goal:

  • To make complicated policy issues more consumable,
  • Conduct grassroots organizing that leads to public support, and
  • Make it easier for our leaders to come together and implement bipartisan, commonsense policy solutions.

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2E Resources

To help our parents to learn and advocate for their twice-exceptional children, we have created a page for 2E Resources.  It is not a substitute for legal advice.  Contact Sosne Konde Policy Solutions, PLLC for individual legal counseling and/or representation. 

Other Education Resources

To support research-based analysis around education reform, we have begun to compile an Education Resources page, including some of our articles:

Education Project

As part of a project from 2016-2017, we compiled a relevant list of articles, studies, and programs on issues that relate to comprehensive education reform, including:

Examples of Bipartisan Analysis